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7.5 yo b stutterting

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My 7.5 yo boy has started stuttering lately. Just for maybe the past week. It's not too bad, but seems to be happening more often. Has anyone else had their son do this? I'm hoping it's a fairly normal short lived thing. I hate to see my sweet boy trying to get something out and having a hard time. He doesn't seem frustrated at all or anything, he doesn't even seem to notice, but I don't want it to get worse.



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My dd started this at about that age and has yet to outgrow it. Her 'disfluency' is not very pronounced, but is noticeable enough to bother her. We just had her evaluated by a Speech Therapist yesterday and hopefully will be able to get her into some therapy. We don't have insurance coverage for it, so it was recommended that we use our local giant university Speech Pathology dept and they were wonderful. I hope they can help her. Stuttering Help was a great resource.


Your ds may outgrow it, but I want to warn that this was something we thought my dd would outgrow as well, and here we are over 3 years later and it's only gotten worse. Don't let it go on too long before you seek an evaluation.



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