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Rashes that don't blanch

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That means they don't turn white under pressure. Apparently it can be pretty serious- blood infections, menegoccal, etc... Well Olivia, 6 1/2 got one on her wrist almost a month ago... took her to the ER. They did blood work, said it was fine, sent us on our way. Then yesterday, same thing reappears but this time on her chin. She has an appt tomorrow morning with her peds, but I am worried anyway. What can I say I'm a mom? It's weird, there's no explanation... I don't change soaps, shampoos, etc.. I am pretty brand loyal. We cook the same stuff as always. No new foods or recipes. It makes NO sense. She is behind on her immunizations, so of course I am worried about that. I keep remembering too, that how she got started on being behind was a string of unexplained fevers after getting croup in May 2005. It lasted for about 7 months or so, and then just stopped :confused:


So has anyone here had any experience with something like this?? If so what was it?

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