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What to do when your order is missing something

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I bought first start french through an amazon seller and just got it today. The box was so poorly taped that the cd fell out. I really want the cd. How do you rectify the situation? I contacted the seller and told them how I received the item and to double check that they did include the cd in the first place (the item description included the cd). From here what is the best way to fix the situation? Return it to the sender? Have them issue a partial credit for the missing cd? I've never received something that I wasn't happy with before so I have no clue how to do this the right way. But I do know that I paid for a complete package and that is what I want.

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I do a lot buying from Amazon Marketplace. I rarely buy items described as less than Very Good condition, and I very rarely buy from anyone with less than 97% positive ratings. The majority of my transactions are satisfactory, but once in a while an item is significantly not as described. I'm not particularly generous or patient when this happens, as the item is usually egregiously not as described or was damaged because of ridiculously inadequate packaging. In some cases, I've been satisfied with a 1/2 refund as long as the item was still usable (ie. books in worse than described condition). In other cases I have gotten my money back in full (ie. scratched, unplayable CDs or moldy-smelling water-damaged books). In those cases, usually the seller doesn't even want to pay to ship the item back, since the item wasn't in good enough condition to sell in the first place.


What is your preference? Decide what you want, then then insist on it. If the seller is unwilling to settle this to your satisfaction, bring Amazon into the dispute by filing an A-to-Z claim. Letting the seller know that you are serious and will not accept anything less than what you've asked for usually gets a very quick response. Most sellers hope to avoid a negative feedback rating by appeasing you promptly.


If you wish to return the item for a full refund, including your shipping cost, with return shipping at the seller's expense, inform them of this. If you wish a partial refund, decide on the amount you think is fair, and request it. If they counter offer, decide whether or not you think it is fair. If not, firmly insist on your original terms.


Remember that you are the wronged party here. It is the seller's responsibility to get the item to you in the promised condition. If they lose money due to carelessness, or even due to damage during shipping, that is not your responsibility. You should not suffer any financial loss, including your original shipping cost.

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Thankfully the seller was very nice and offered to refund all my money, enough to cover the cd, or to ship me the cd herself using her amazon prime membership. She listed the product incorrectly and didn't even have a cd, so it was very much her fault. I went with letting her send me the cd figuring that it was the cheapest route for her and the quickest route to me getting what I want without having to go through any more hassle. Maybe I was too nice, but I know that most of us out there who are selling school books are not out to rip people off. We are selling them so we can have the money needed to buy the next set of books. Allowing her to spend the least amount of money to fix her error seemed the right way to go.

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