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I let my boys do some samles of TT (3rd & 5th) and they LOVED it. We have been doing BJU DVDs for 3 years. It's a love/hate relationship for me. The LONG, drawn out WORDY lessons are well, long & wordy;) I am often needed to explain/simplify things.


The TT lessons seemed so simple & to the point. I liked the built in review of previous lessons and the engagement required of my student unlike the 30 mins of passive viewing of the BJU DVDs.


However, based on the comments regarding TT I'm guessing I "should" weed thru wordiness and stick with BJU?


My dd is in 8th using BJU DVDs and has no interest in switching over even the though the lectures are 45 mins next year. She actually is just reading her pre-algebra book & foregoing the lesson. Not sure if that will be an option next year?


I have read a MULTITUDE of posts regarding TT:D on this board and the high school board. So, not to beat a dead horse but just wondering if anyone thinks the grass is greener on the other side?


We do ALL subjects with BJU DVDS so it creates a long school day for her especially. I am thinking of replacing some subjects.




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