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Changing our schedule to get more done


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I'm thinking of switching around our schedule and I'd love some outside input. Will this work or will my kids be forever stunted ;)??


M, T, W- Math, Catechism, Handwriting, Grammar, Spelling, Latin, Reading, Read-alouds, Computer


T-Writing and Science co-op from 12-4


W-Tae Kwon Do from 11-12 but we do get work done afterwards


Th-a full week of History, a full week of Expedition Earth (geography), read-aloud, art, music, any other hands-on project


F-Field trip twice a month, library, groceries and reading (My kids LOVE to read their library books on the day we check them out. After that, I have to remind them that they are there. I'd like to have Friday afternoons free for reading or having friends over).


Right now all the stuff on Thursday isn't happening consistantly or with as much care as I'd like.

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I would probably try to do some math more than 3 days a week altogether. I found that Math for my son works better if there are not long breaks between lessons. I have also recently changed my thinking to 10 minutes here and there are valuable. We may not do a whole sitdown math lesson but a 10 minute review with a few problems is enough to keep from losing ground.

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I agree about doing math more often. I tried doing math M, W and F for awhile but it just didn't work. I think math needs to be consistent even if you are just doing review, as the pp said. We even do oral math review on the weekends. Could you at least print out a worksheet for the days you don't do math? Edhelper.com has a worksheet generator that you can customize to just about anything you could want. (you could also generate a grammar worksheet based on what you are learning in grammar)


The rest looks fine imo.

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