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I am not Geography minded? Help!


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Ok, so I have really found the place in teaching where I fail beyond failing...geography! I was given one set of books a couple of years ago and hated them, to childish, and now I can not remember their name (I gave them forward for someone else to use). This past year I purchased the Trail Guide to World Geography. I really really disliked it. It is probably a great program but for me it was just so open ended and I felt like I spent much more time researching things to teach the kids than they were really learning, if that makes sense. I really have a hard time getting my head around how to teach it, what should be taught and I feel like I am so far behind. Give me english, math, or science any day! We are following the 4 year rotating SOTW History plan, though playing a bit of catch up since my younger son was a bit behind but is now caught up where he should be so I put him and my older son on the same history schedule for my sanity. Sorry for straying, what I really need is a good, well laid out, here it is and here is how to teach it kind of geography. Any suggestions? All thoughts are appreciated.


Guess I should add my Sons are 11 and 8, our school year starts in the begining of the year so we are in our opening week of 6th and 4th grade.



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