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Access to scholarly journals online? Acrobat Error?

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I am trying to write my letter of intent to send with my application for grad school. It must include 3 issues pertaining to my chosen field of study and cite sources. I thought I could access our library's journal subscriptions online through TexShare, which includes EBSCO academic database (I have to sign in using a user-name and password I got from the library). The problem: almost all the articles I have found only give me access to the abstracts and not the full text of the articles. I don't know if it is a limitation on the database or a problem with my computer. When I click on the link for the full text pdf, I get an error that says "Acrobat Plug In: This operation is not allowed". Anyone have any ideas or another way to access scholarly journals online? I have tried Google Scholar also and most of those only give the abstract and you have to pay to get the full text.


I understand they want a graduate student to be able to do research, but the paper is only supposed to be 2 pages, double spaced and I have several other topics to include besides this. There may be one or two sentences for each source. :tongue_smilie:


So does anyone know of another source online? Or is it an issue with my computer that I can fix (pdf's from other website load just fine)?

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Hm. That error message sounds like a problem with your computer.


I know that if I access the journals (including EBSCO) through my school site, it will either allow me to load it, or tell me I don't have access to the whole article. I've never seen the message you are getting. Do you have access to another computer to try?

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