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Theatre course - questions

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Ok, need some high school veteran help here. I'm still feeling like a newbie when it comes to high school. :lol:


I am putting together a theatre course for dd next year - 10th grade. We will be using this text - Theatre: The Lively Art. (my text is a little older - I found it for $1 at our little library book store!!) I would also like to use TTC Great American Music: Broadway Musicals. We will go and watch a couple of live plays as well as several on DVD. She also participates in our church's high school drama team. They practice 1 hour every week and do a skit during Wednesday night's youth service, once every 3-4 weeks.


How does this sound and would you give it - 1/2 or 1 credit?


I would also like to include a drama class that she took at co-op this year (12 weeks). She even wrote and composed 2 of the songs they used in their end performance. If I were to include this as well, what do you think about credits for all of it combined?


I hope this makes sense. I'm doing some planning for next year and my head is swimming right now. :tongue_smilie:

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A carnegie unit, commonly known as a credit, is between 120-160 hours of work. Just perusing what your dd has done it looks like 1 full credit, but if you're still not sure, assign hours per item of work and see how much time she's put in.


At 10th grade level if you count the DVD's for time towards your carnegie unit I'd add in some sort of eval- at least a short reaction or response paper. So far the work sounds mostly like a performing arts credit.

You could break it down, count 1/2 cr for performing arts and then 1/2 credit for lit or history if you added, say, history of theater. If you count if for something other than a performance credit I would have her do evaluation or reaction papers to the DVD's/ musicals, or write up the history of them, etc.

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Thank you Lisa!


She will be doing some writing with TTC. We are using the How to Listen to and Understand Music set now along with her music history/appreciation course. She takes notes during the lecture and then writes a summary after. When she has finished all of the lectures, she will write a paper using all of her summaries. This is what I had planned with TTC Great American Music: Broadway Musicals. As far as the plays that we watch on DVD and live, she will write a paper for each of those. The text we are using discusses critics and what they look for when critiquing a work. The text also goes into the history of theatre.


I had only planned on using this class only as a performance credit. After going over it in my head, reading all of what you wrote, and estimating the hours she will spend, I think I feel comfortable enough assigning 1 credit for the class.


Thanks again for your help and Happy New Year. :001_smile:

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You should search for Ester Maria's post on theater study. It's a lot, but you are sure to find something interesting to look into.


Oh, I just went to find it for you. Here it is:



And here is a thread I participated in:



I don't post these both in order to bring up the controversy in giving credit for various things, but instead to give you lots of ideas to work with. I like ideas!



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Thanks Julie, I'll look into those. We'll also have a drama club with our homeschool group next year! Yeah, very excited about this.


I look back at the two plays my dd was in as one of the most valuable educational experiences for her. She would not have done something like that on her own. And all of the extras we did made her think about it more, perhaps.


Thanks for the lead on TTC Broadway set. A couple years back, I looked very hard for something on musicals for my youngest and never came up with very much. I'll have to see if I can get him enthused about musicals again in high school.



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