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I asked in an earlier thread about Montessori materials and several people recommended I learn more about it. So, I've ordered a couple of books, but I have some immediate questions.


For an older child, I have an almost 8 year old, would he benefit from introduce Montessori practices now? And if so, what kind of activities could I do with him?


Also, for younger children...how well does Montessori work in the home setting?


And for anyone with experience with Montessori and Waldorf--how well do the both of them work together? I would probably just take whatever suits my family from both practices...I'm just curious how well it works for you??




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This thread will have some resources for you to look through re: your 8 year old.


Montessori's ideas can most definitely be used to enrich a home school. Because the environment was such a pivotal part of her philosophy, it is difficult to fully implement at home without a space/room to devote to Montessori. Montessori had observed and studied what she deemed "sensitive periods" in children's development. One of these that is heightened during the early years is order. Consequently, the Montessori environment is very ordered and orderly, with everything having its place and remaining there when not in use. This is obviously not impossible at home, but requires commitment and designated space. That being said, other elements of order can be easily implemented. For instance, the work cycle is very important with a beginning (choosing a material from the shelf), middle (taking it to workspace and spending time working with it), and end (placing the activity back on the tray as it was and back in the same spot on the shelf). Montessori's philosophies and materials can be used to enhance any home environment, even if it cannot be fully implemented as she intended. As you read you will be able to glean the bits and pieces you want to hold on to and put them to use.

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