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HOD or MFW for Middle Ages?

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Will you please compare/contrast these two programs with positive/negative points?


I will be doing the Middle Ages next year with my 5DC- 1st-7th Graders. I really need to keep my kids on the same history cycle(for my own sanity), and we love doing it together. I want to have appropriate literature books for each to read on their own. I will also have my older two outlining. I understand HOD has amazing notebook pages to go with the Middle Ages, but I cannot find a sample anywhere. I really need something that is open and go for history/literature, and I want a program that is doable on a 4 day schedule.


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Having done HOD & MFW before, I'd go with MFW. HOD is very age specific for each guide book. MFW has great book basket lists for multiple ages and is easier to combine and add outlining etc too.

hope that helped!



:iagree: And MFW Rome to Reformation was one of our favorite years.


You'll find a lot more built-in flexibility for multiple ages with MFW, and the layout of the TM allows for easy tweaking in your schedule as needed. The weekly grid gives you the plan for the week at a glance so you can rearrange, look ahead to the supply list of consumables for the week (if you're doing any of the crafts or science projects), and just in general plan ahead without having to read every single box on the page to figure out what's going on.


I photocopy the weekly grid so that each child has her own, then I can write their individual 3 R's on it and keep it right it in their own 3-ring binders.

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