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Question about history/science narrations


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DD 10 has real issues writing brief summaries after we read from SOTW or science. Should I be modeling, coaching....what? I read it 2 times, do the quesitons, and she gets so irritated! I think it is more a lack of confidence in approaching it. When she does write I notice that she includes too many little things and doesn't know how to summarize. How is the best way to get her on track? Also, for some reason the girls really don't like to do accompanying pictures with the writing. Is this needed? Thanks in advance ladies!

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It helps my kids to think of the "w" questions.


Who is this passage about?

What did they do?

Where was it?

Why did they do it?

When did it happen?


I usually start by saying, "Who is this about and what did they do?" After they can comfortably answer that with one or two sentances, and remember the question on thier own too, then I add one of the other questions.


I also sometimes approach it from "if you had to teach Dad/grandma/friend about this what are the most important things to tell them?"


Or-Tell me about this passage in 3/5/7 words.



I think the pictures are optional. My kids never liked to do much drawing or coloring before, but this year they are coloring the coloring sheets and cutting them out and gluing them into thier journals where we keep thier narrations.

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