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TOG not working anymore...


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I've used TOG since my oldest was in 1st grade. She is now in 7th. I have really enjoyed it over the years. Now that she is in the Dialectic stage, it has become much more overwhelming. We just do not have enough time to do everything. She has not done any projects. We have only done the discussion twice. We can't do catch up on weekends, because we travel every weekend. And I know we can do stuff in the car, but none of us want to. Our lives are a bit overwhelming already, without adding in car school. I know the discussions are the main part of TOG. And I know I can pick and choose, but we seem to be struggling with even the basic load. And next year, I just foresee me getting busier with some other responsibilities. I plan on taking some college classes too.


She is also struggling with the workload of TOG. She has some struggles with paying attention, and it takes her a lot longer to do school then most kids her age. The books have increased a lot in difficulty, and although they are not too difficult, there's a LOT of them. It is hard for me to pick and choose, because I don't know which ones contain the pertinent info she is supposed to learn.


I have two other younger children that are also using TOG. They are doing OK, but my middle one is feeling overwhelmed with the reading load also.


Another thing is that we are moving overseas. We have always been BIG library users. I just ordered about 1/2 the books we need for the rest of the year for TOG, and it was $$$. We have an allotment for homeschool, but I don't want to spend it all on books, plus the shipping for overseas is so expensive!


So I'm thinking maybe we need to change for next year. But to what?? I don't want my kids to do all online stuff. I was thinking Sonlight, but I haven't used that since my oldest was in K. I was thinking of having her do Core 7 next year, and combine my two younger ones. They do some stuff together already. Does anyone have any other suggestions? It has to be something easier to implement than TOG, not as time consuming for me, and with less books.

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