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Horizon Math question

Guest Staci in WA

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I called Horizons about this once. They said some kids go on to Algebra, some to prealgebra, and some do a review type year. A lot depends on the child. They of course recommended their other Alpha/Omega products for consideration.


I decided to have my son do MUS Pre-algebra. It's been a great fit, and most of it is not review at all (making me wonder how a child could go from Horizons to Algebra, but maybe it depends on the program & what's covered). If possible, when you narrow down your choices, make sure to have your child do a placement test to see what level he should do. I think that's critical whenever switching curriculum.


VideoText Algebra is one I was very interested in, but I decided that it would move too quickly for my son. It starts with a very fast run-through of pre-algebra, and I just thought we needed more time there. As you can tell, I leaned towards a video presentation (though I looked at some computer-based programs as well). I wanted something other than a straight book approach. I have a friend who loves Jacob's Algebra (and some of the things she's told me really drew me to that too, but wanted more than a book in the end).


There are tons of choices out there of course! Merry :-)

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