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Right Start Math vs. Math-U-See


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I've been looking at the Right Start Math for my younger child. He is not ready for Kindergarten level right now, but I have a couple of questions.


Do they have a preschool level? He's very into having his own curriculum cause that's what big brother does...


Also, how much parent involvement is involved? I'm just worried about getting a ton of hands on material and then not having enough time in the day to do it with him. Once set up, can it be pretty independent?


My older child does Math-U-See. How would you compare it to that for a preschool age child though?




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Guest Cheryl in SoCal

MUS has Primer for Pre-K/K. It introduces many of the concepts covered in Alpha but doesn't require mastery and there are no tests. I looked into RS but choose MUS because my kids were in 5th/6th grades when we made the switch and wouldn't have been in RS for very long. They also watched the MUS DVD, learned a lot from it, and wanted to do it instead of RS. It's been quite a while since I researched RS so I don't remember specifics, just thinking it looked really good but didn't meet our needs.

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Yes you can use RS A in pre-school. Just take it slower. Generally what I do is break up the warm up section, the lesson, and the games and worksheets (there aren't always the last two) and do each on a different day instead of doing them all on the same day. When you break it up it only takes about 15 mins a day max.


I started my ds when he just turned 5, and he used it through his K year. We took it nice and slow, playing lots of games and allowing for his wiggles. It worked out great!



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