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Healthful Diet to Lose Fast

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I have started this healthy way of eating that is fantastic and I have lost so much and about a 1# a week. I have lost 25# and I feel very full and so...good. It is just pure veget.cooked and raw,fruit, meat 2 times a week, no oil, 1 or 2X wk. potatoes, sprouted whole wheat bread, brown rice. No pasta or dairy or sugar but little dried fruit instead. We will have 1 or 2 X a wk. some sour cream or a little bit of butter but no cheese or milk. For cereals we have apple juice or almond milk which I dont mind. Cereals are hot cooked....I still would have sugar once a week and I still lost.

Anyone want to know about it let me know.


Wife to dh for 29yrs.

Homeschool since 1986 to 6 ages 28-11

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