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  1. Green Pastures is the best...in wooden kegs and fermented like the old original way and it is one of the purest. Look it up in google. They have it in capsules in many flavors I believe. It is "super" good for SN kids and people in general. They say that the expecting Indian women would use this. It was a staple. They said that they needed it for their children and babies. Cyndi Wife to dh 29yrs. Homeschool since 1986 6 children ages 28-11
  2. In our family my daughter who is now 13 had fluid in her ears and they wanted to do tubes when she was 3. She hadnt had any bad colds etc. She could hardly communicate with us. She walked at 16mo. too. We do things more naturally and did not do tubes but used some stuff that took the bacteria away that was causing the inflammation to begin with. He said that normal medical type antibiotics dont take it away. We tried some powerful natural to the body stuff that worked. In our family we have Central Auditory Processing or APD. It is to expensive to have them tested. Our insurance wouldnt co
  3. Thanks for all of the ideas! Will check them out Cyndi Wife of dh 29yrs. Homeschool since 1986 6 children 28-11
  4. Google America's Best Potato Recipe Hopefully it is still there HTH Cyndi Wife to dh of 29yrs. HOmeschool since 1986 6 children 28-11
  5. You can do it. I went on a healthy diet and I ate alot of food but it is super healthy and I lost alot in short amount of time. I love how I feel now. You can do it. Cyndi Wife to dh 29yrs. Homeschool since 1986 6 children 28-11
  6. Thanks for the ideas. Just learned about these myself. I like what Ginger Snaps Shots does too. Cyndi Wife of dh 29yrs Homeschool since 1986 6 children 28-11
  7. inexpensive jewelry Fruit Healthy chocolates Fav. Cookies Homemade Christmas Candy Word Speller Game from Timberdoodle; it is small stickers small scrapbook items if has interest
  8. "Take Off" geography game..not sure of the ages on this Cyndi Wife to dh 29yrs Homeschool since 1986 6 children 28-11
  9. Lara Bars are Great. We can get them here on sale quite often for 1.00 each or you can make your own. There are recipes online. Cyndi Wife to dh of 29yrs. Homeschool since 1986 6 children 28-11
  10. I went to a yahoogroup rawfeed...put into search rawfood dogs or something of that sort. Our poor dog went through some awful stuff trying to get that bad dry food out of him and now his bowels are completely different and more "normal" for a dog. We feed him chicken hind legquarters and he eats the grass for some greens. He is so much healthier. He is a rough collie "lassie" and his coat is very nice and shiny. We pay from 99cents to 1.08 for a 10# bag. You can supplement with "organic chicken livers too if you like. I wish we could afford organic meat for him. That would be the ultimate. Tha
  11. The replies have been very good explanations. Keep it up Cyndi Wife to dh of 29yrs. Homeschool since 1986 6 children 28-11
  12. I put it off....thinking that is just way...to much but for the past year my 13 and 11yr.old have had a paper route. The 13yr.old just bought her first one and that is all she wants and our 11yr.old just bought her 2nd one and that is all she is getting. Her first one was a Christmas gift. They do 4H sewing and I'm trying to encourage them to sew their own clothes. They have been paying another girl in 4H to make a few outfits for them. They are made better than the ones from AG I believe. They sure do "love" them.
  13. I did and found out one of our girls is positive from previous owners. It causes joint and arthritis. It is a slow painful death and it can get passed to the kids. Sometimes they dont show symptons til later on in life. They say at least 80% of all goats have this now. We give our girls 50%hay and 50% alfalfa, Plant derived selenium and copper, and organic grain and do as much as possible herbal. Cyndi
  14. Have you ever heard of Azure Standard? I dont know where you are in the country but they go from Oregon all the way to Iowa and working on getting down to Texas. You make your order and a truck comes through and you get your good food for nearly wholesale price once a month. You have to find out the closest drop off point where others are ordering. The orders all together have to be at least 500 or 550. I have been doing this for a Long.....time and it is great. Look them up on google. Cyndi Wife to a wonderful dh of 29yrs. Homeschool since 1986 6 children 28-11
  15. There also is a pill for just 3 to 5. that kills the adult fleas almost immediately. We also use Revolution that works Good idea before the flea bath and before spraying. We would do all of the stuff with our dog and then put him in the garage in a kennel while we "spray" the house and vacuum it and we even spray the yard and try to do this ever so often to stay on top of it. HTH Cyndi Wife of dh of 29yrs. Homeschool since 1986 6 children 28-11
  16. I have started this healthy way of eating that is fantastic and I have lost so much and about a 1# a week. I have lost 25# and I feel very full and so...good. It is just pure veget.cooked and raw,fruit, meat 2 times a week, no oil, 1 or 2X wk. potatoes, sprouted whole wheat bread, brown rice. No pasta or dairy or sugar but little dried fruit instead. We will have 1 or 2 X a wk. some sour cream or a little bit of butter but no cheese or milk. For cereals we have apple juice or almond milk which I dont mind. Cereals are hot cooked....I still would have sugar once a week and I still lost. Anyo
  17. I have just the place for you. Green Pastures Cod Liver Oil website in google. It is really the best and you can get it in capsules. I think it will say why the best on the website. It is made in wooden kegs like and aged like it use to be. The only way to get that Vit. D. You are smart to take this wonderful supplement. HTH Cyndi Wife to wonderful dh of 29yrs. Homeschool since 1986 to 6 children ages 28-11
  18. My sister has one of those machines that scoops it each time the cat goes and she really likes it. It works and she lives in a very nice fifth wheel RV with her husband. Cyndi
  19. My aunt has her cat potty trained to go into the toilet. I have seen the pictures of her using it! You can buy a kit for 30 or 40? to "train" them to do this. I wish I could do this but we have 3 cats! We have indoor cats now but back then I had indoor/outdoor. Gates? if the cat wouldnt mind jumping over it or going through the holes each time? Cyndi
  20. Cod Liver Oil in capsules is huge for pregnancy. greenpastures.com I think is where they sell the best purest form of fermented and aged as it used to be and where I get mine. This is about the only way you can get Vit. D in the most natural form. D in milk is synthetic and our bodies cant break it down. Anyway, our daughter had a miscarriage last year and is due in Dec./Jan. and we are praying that all will go okay. Will be praying for you too. Cyndi Married to my wonderful dh 29yrs. Homeschool since 1986 6 children 28-11
  21. Today is sad...our 1st goat that we painstakingly researched out has this. It affects their joints. Sometimes the symptons dont show up most of their life. I could not believe it. Teach me to see CAE testings of the parents and only get a kid from someone who has tested, even if they are National top show breeders and well known in the US. Well, there goes the value of our "nice" goat. Cyndi
  22. Once every 7 yrs. our anniversary is on Thanksgiving the 26th. This year will be 29yrs. Amazing how we made it and with 6 children from 11 - 28. Cyndi
  23. Our family just got done watching this series of 7 parts 1 hr each about. It is an absolutely fantastic series. There are a few bad parts in it though. It would need to be sensored or fast forwarded. One place where 2 men are near a ship but not in it, are talking, and they take one of the men down to tar and feather him, so they take his clothes literally all off, and John and his wife together a few places. It really gave our girls a good feel of what it was like and the pain that they all went through. Cyndi
  24. I wanted to thank you for the link to these studies. My daughter is really loving her doll and this will be a neat study. Cyndi
  25. We havent ever had cable. We watch movies on the tv screen about once every 2wks. We havent missed anything. I, my husband and kids are the better because of it and we are much! closer because of it. Enjoy.. Cyndi Wife to dh of almost 30 yrs. Homeschool since 1986 6 children ages 28-11
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