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Anyone using TruthQuest for high school?

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If so, can you share exactly *what* you do, and how you assign credit? I know that TQ has writing assignments in it... do you count those toward history or English?


We use MFW and our DESIRE is to stick with it all the way through. However, with dh's unemployment, we may not be able to do that next term. (DD will be ready to start year 2 in Jan/Feb.) So I'm trying to think of inexpensive alternatives, and I know that when we had looked at TQ once before, dd liked the looks of it. So.... any experience to share?

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I love Truthquest. I assign projects with deadlines that cover a chunk of history at a time. I use various resources and Truthquest is one of them. I have her read various books, do map and timeline work and write an opinion paper as well as take a test. The work is patterned after a combination of HO, MFW, and Hewitt. I could forward an example by email, but I can't copy and paste on my phone for some reason. My email is julie of sardis @ gmail dot com.

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I'm using it with my 9th and 12th grader, but I use SCM as my spine. What I do is I go through the guide, but you can just use the modules and Simply Charlotte Mason and mark all the books in the TQ guide that are used in SCM. Those are our must read books and for my older kids I assign a chapter or two each day four days a week. We do oral narration, but this week we'll start written narration. We discuss the Thinkwrites orally for now. I use any extra TQ books that I want them to read as book basket books. We use IEW and Wordsmith for writing assignments .

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