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could use some math advice


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I am brand new to this starting out with my 5 yr old who is pretty quick with numbers. She has some basic math skills, can work with money and tell time to some degree.


I was planning to use Right Start A but quite frankly can't afford to get it before mid January.


We are getting a late start on this already so I am just wondering what you guys might suggest I use in the mean time



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There are so many activies you can do that are free or close to free at this age.


This thread explains how we do it http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=3


And here is a basic K scope and sequence

Simple counting to 20

* One-to-one relationship

* Concepts of more, less than, same

* Sequence of events

* Correspondence of quantities

* Ordinal-cardinal relationship

* Number-numeral relationship

* Recognition of basic sets

* Meaning of addition and subtraction

* Introduction to number line

* Estimation

* Elementary geometry (shapes)

* Calendar and clock

* Denominations of money

* Basic problem-solving strategies

* Basic chart and graph concepts


Here is the 1st grade one http://www.worldbook.com/typical_course_of_study_grade_1_curriculum_guide.html


We usually used dried lima beans for counters. Then we would just play around with these topics.


If you put a few (up to 20) beans on an index card (the cards seem to help them keep things in place better) can she put the same number on her card? Put one more? Put 2 less?


If you write a numeral (again up to 20) on a card can she put out that many beans?


Get out a small spoon and guess how many beans you can pile up before they fall off, then count them. Were you close? Now try with a serving spoon.


A pan of lentils to use for pouring and measuring is great fun too. How many of my cup fit in Mom's cup? Get out your measuring cups and spoons too. How many of the 1/3 cups fit in the 1 cup? How many tsp fit in the Tbsp?


Start skip counting.


A 100 chart is great for seeing relationships too. I'd print off one and hang it up somewhere. I prefer the ones that start at 0 to the ones that start at 1, I think they let you see the patterns better. Put one on the table and use your beans to cover all the numbers that end in 5, or on every 3rd number.


There are so many of these kinds of activites search for 100 chart or K math activites. I try to avoid worksheets at this age. MEP has a free math program online my 4 yo is doing Reception year and so far it has been fun activites, not workbooky.

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