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Dh is out of town and I made my own office!!

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Upon moving to this house in 2003, I put my computers and desks upstairs in our bonus room. That is our learning room and where we did the bulk of our studies. Fast forward to 2010...


I find my dcs work very independently. My oldest never works in there because it is distracting. My youngest ds never works in there because he like to work at the kitchen table instead. Much quieter. My dd often works in her room, as well as my other ds. All this to say, we pretty much divide and conquer, everyone working in their own space though we tend to change places often.


My bedroom is downstairs so I was going upstairs less and less. Needing the computer, I would go up and do something, only to come back down to finish a non-computer task. Oh, and NaNoWri is coming up!!


Anyway, while dh is gone, I have rearranged and moved all my computers downstairs. I moved some seldom used furniture out of the once used living room and have made it a usable space. I can now work at night without disturbing the dcs upstairs and don't have to run up and down. Also, since my 'puter was up there, I would find myself on the 'puter rather than helping them with learning projects, which was why I went up there in the first place.


I still have a desk up there and a laptop if I need it. I am loving my new space:hurray:


Have you found that your educational environment has changed significantly as your dcs age? Just wondering.

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