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Did I just ruin dinner

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by pouring half a leftover bottle of red wine into my homemade ham stock? I always add wine to our beef broth, but now this isn't smelling so delicious. I'm making ham and white bean soup with sauted onions, cerery and carrots. Adding some leftover garlic mashed potatoes for thickness. What should I do?

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How does it taste?


You can change your recipe by adding tomato sauce to it.


If no one has a definitive answer for you, and it tastes bad, post the ingredients and amounts, and I'll tell you what you can do to fix it, but the base will have to change to one based with tomato sauce.


Also, it may not work -- I have never put wine into bean soup. All I can guarantee is that it will dilute and partially conceal the taste of the wine.

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OK, so it doesn't taste bad. The initial smell was overwhelming while the wine burned off. The soup is a nice medium brown color, which is unusual for ham soup. The stock flavor isn't as clear, but ham is still the top note. I think I'm going to add a little thyme and then not fool with it anymore.


Changing to a tomato base would have been a good fix. Thanks for the advice.

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