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I'm in the market for a DVD recorder/VHS player combo...Got one to recommend? Refurb?

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This is the same one we just bought this weekend at WalMart. They only had two in stock and are not getting any more in as they told us no one wants the VHS anymore.


I currently have four VHS players in my house and seemingly zillions of VCRs to play in them. Apparently, I'm behind the time. :tongue_smilie:


Anyhow, our intention is to record a lot of the VCRs onto the DVDs. So far, this machine seems to be doing a good job. I think we paid $90 for it at WalMart, and then we had to get the blank DVDs, too, and some kind of cord (?). Sorry, I'm not a technical person at.all. Dh and ds do all that. :D

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...is the ZV427MG9 instead of the ZV457MG9, which is only available from the Walmart website (but can be shipped site-to-store). The ZV427MG9 is $147 at our Walmart, and it gets TERRIBLE reviews. The ZV457MG9 is $171 at Walmart.com, and it gets good reviews; Best Buy sells this model too, but it is refurbished. I haven't check at Big Lots, but I think I'll go by there today or tomorrow. Thanks!

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