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Can someone post the 9th grade great books list

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Absolutely! My 9th grader will be studying modern history and the modern novels that go along with it. However, several of the works from this time period have a high "ick" factor, so I am researching which books to use from the 12th grade list. Some of her books will be from the WTM high school list, some from the WTM eighth grade list, and some from other sources.


SWB and JW state in the WTM that subsequent children should be folded into the olders' history studies rather than each child studying a different history. They knew and expected kids in different age brackets to study these books, too.





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Here is my list for ninth grade literature, based on WTM, which uses some anthologies to cover some of the books... just an idea!


Ninth Grade Literature


Texts: Longman Anthology World Literature, Volume A, The Ancient World

Bedford Anthology of World Literature, The Ancient World

Holt: World Literature, Revised Edition

Holt: Elements of Literature, World Literature

Teaching Company: Great Authors of the Western Literary Tradition



First semester


1. Bible, Genesis-Job

Bedford p. 127

Longman p. 50

Holt, p. 160

Holt, elements, p. 51

Great Authors #1-7


2. Gilgamesh (Epic of Gilgamesh, Westwood trans)

Bedford p. 55

Longman p. 88

Holt p. 136

Holt, elements, p. 21

Great Authors #2


3. Homer, Iliad

Bedford p. 277

Longman p. 230

Holt p. 214

Holt, elements, p. 120

Great Authors #7


4. Homer, Odyssey

Bedford p. 421

Longman p. 291

Great Authors #8


5. Herodutus, Histories

Longman p. 694

Great Authors #13


6. Thucydides, Peloponnesian War

Bedford p. 1135

Longman p. 700

Holt p. 284

Holt, elements, p. 181

Great Authors #14


7. Sophocles, Oedipus Rex

Bedford p. 899

Longman p. 648

Holt p. 301

Holt, elements, p. 199

Great Authors #11


8. Euripides, Meclea

Bedford p. 1004

Longman p. 748

Great Authors #12


9. Aristophanes, Frogs

Great Authors #15


10. Plato’s Republic

Bedford p. 1111

Longman p. 712

Books that Made History #13, #25

Great Authors #16


11. Aristotle, Poetics, Ethics

Bedford p. 1153


Second Semester


1. Bible, Book of Daniel


2. Lucretius, On the Nature of Things

Bedford p. 786


3. Cicero, de Republica

Books that Change Lives #33


4. Virgil, Aeneid

Bedford p. 1181

Longman p. 1163

Holt p. 379

Holt, elements, p. 269

Great Authors #19

Books that Change Lives #20


5. Ovid, Metamorphoses

Holt, p. 422

Bedford p. 1270

Longman p. 1264

Holt, Elements, p. 305

Great Authors #20


6. Bible, Corinthians


7. Josephus, Wars of the Jews


8. Plutarch, Lives of the Greeks

Great Authors #21

There are three childrens' versions of Plutarch (Our Young Folk's Plutarch by Rosalie Kaufman, Plutarch's Lives for Boys and Girlsby W. H. Weston, and a 2-volume Children's Plutarch by F.J. Gould divided between Tales of the Greeks and Tales of the Romans; see chapter titles for Gould's book below) on http://www.mainlesson.com that may be helpful in the same way as Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare or Bible story books are; and there is a Boys and Girls Plutarch on Project Gutenberg which is basically the Dryden/Clough translations with omissions of material not for children. However, like Bible story books, sometimes the retellings feel like they're missing the original flavour or intent of the story, and on occasion they will even substitute a gorier word or phrase than one that Dryden used!



9. Tacitus, Annals

Holt, elements, p. 322




Teaching Company Courses


Human Prehistory and the First Civilization

Old Testament, New Testament

Origins of Great Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Greek Civilization

Classical Mythology

Foundations of Western Civilization

Great Authors of the Western Literary Tradition

Great Battles of the Ancient World

Great Ideas of Philosophy

Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Age

Great Minds of the Western Intellectual Tradition

Great Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

History of Ancient Egypt

History of Ancient Rome

The Vikings

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Don't know if you saw the recent threads about Herodotus- which edition to choose... but the Landmark editions are good for both Herodotus and Thucydides. They have maps, and make it much easier to follow the action in the test.


I didn't know about Landmark when we read Herodotus. We used an old edition from the library. It did have maps, but the set up of the Landmark was far superior.

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