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kathkath - what are steel cut oats?

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kathkath - You mentioned in my thread about having/using multiple crock pots that you use one for overnight steel cut oats - never heard of *steel cut* oats - what is it? Where do you get it? How do you prepare it? How does it differ from regular oats?



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Steel cut oats are a healthier version of oats bc they are less processed--they take a lot longer to cook than rolled oats if you're doing it on the stove, but because of that they make a great overnight crockpot recipe. I get them at Trader Joes but they do have them at our Kroger too. TJ is cheaper. WOrks better in a small crock pot than big--it is actually why we bought the double crock lol. We put something like 1 c oats and 4.5 cu water in a greased crock. We cook it 2 hrs on hi and then when we go to bed we turn it to warm and keep it on warm overnight. Got a recipe online somewhere. We had to play with the recipe a bit to get it to turn out right--bc it can overcook or get all crusty. you need a certain % of your crock full (like at least 50%) to make it turn out right. the 2 hrs on high followed by warm was dh's idea. HTH!!



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