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I love dramatic kids...

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When my oldest was little she loved all those Disney movies. I would listen to her imaginative play and it always was about some poor orphan (mother or fatherless) who was rescued by fairies or horses (her favs at the time). She would say, "Come away with us, we will care for you now that your mother is gone."


Ugh, it took all my might not to march over to the video shelf and throw every last one of those movies in the garbage. I guess it hit a little to close to home for me.

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My girls are coloring pictures of ballerinas or fairies behind me...


DD (5.5)--"And then she rose, bathed in light..."


DD (3.5)--"And was gone. Gone forever."


Too many books on tape, do you think?




That is SO much better than what I overheard from *my* three year old. Her favorite story is Bread and Jam for Frances. She's been "reading" it out loud. She retells the story with great expression and has pretty much got the whole thing memorized. So, I'm listening to her with delight recite all the things that Frances eats. Then at the end she adds, "And Frances' mother is dead! She has blood." Umm, we've been watching a Sherlock Holmes dvd from Netflix all week! :lol: Should I be concerned? lol

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