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FANTASTIC free book haul!


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There's an organization called The Book Thing in Baltimore that has a warehouse full of donated books. They give them away for free every weekend - you can take as many as you want, as long as you don't resell.


I went today for the first time in ages, and I was AMAZED. It's clear that in addition to private donors, schools are also getting rid of their old books there. There were hundreds and hundreds of brand new workbooks, activity books, teacher's guides, test banks, textbooks, Abeka, Saxon Math, etc., in addition to the more usual novels and picture books. I didn't have time to comb through all the educational stuff - it would have taken all day! But I brought home:


- The Before Five in a Row manual! (I can't believe that was there!)

- Two Prentice Hall Science Explorer texts

- Two science modules from the Event Based Science series

- Two books from the If You Lived In... series

- MindWorks Logic Links Level A

- Two volumes of World Book's Celebrations and Rituals Around the World

- A big stack of classic historical fiction, including many Sonlight books

- Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare


I have to go back when I have more time! Seriously, if you are textbook-oriented you could probably outfit your entire family there for free.With a kindergartener and a toddler, I had to be careful not to go crazy with things we don't need now and probably never will.


There's no real point to this thread (unless you're close enough to Baltimore to make a visit worth your while). I just had to share my excitement with people who would understand. :001_smile:

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