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Shurley English 3


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Does anyone else use this or have you used this before?

Maybe it's just me(and my kids) but the lessons seem so L..O...N...G..

It seems we are all dreading grammar and it's taking forever to get through a lesson.

Did you do the whole lesson every day or split it up? Did you do the extra activities?

Any help would be appreciated. It seems o.k. and I don't want to drop it yet but we are are feeling a bit overwhelmed...



If you did drop it..what did you replace it with and are you happy?

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We are using it right now, and I really like it. But, I do not do the writing assignments or extra activities. I mainly use it for grammar. I will teach them to write an improved sentence, because I think it's great for syn/ant work.


I use CW aseop for writing...and right now our spelling program RS is really stretching their vocabulary.


Hope that helps!


Oh ya, I do the sentence diagramming on a white board just to make it that much more fun!!!!

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Just thought I would give you an look into how we did our last test too.


I let all 3 sit around the table where I could see their test, but the could cover their answers from each other. They would answer a question, and I would check all 3. If they got it right, they got a skittle. If not, they didn't, this really helps my son who try's to skate by on the work of his siblings ;) By, the time it was done they had a decent handful of skittles!

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