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Apologia Human Anatomy & Physiology (jr.)


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Does anyone have a 4-day schedule? UGH...I'm used to using a pre-made plan, but this was soooo good. Too good to pass up. The notebook journal gives a 2 day plan which is way too much for one day. But after the first and second "book lessons", I just have no clue how to break it up. I even tried to break the 2-day plan in the journal up by two, but it just doesn't break well. Although it's more likely I just don't know how to do it so it makes sense.


The first two lessons were easy as I could break at every (blue) narration point. The rest goes in very long increments.


Maybe I should just use the fly-by-the-sea-of-my-pants rule, but it just goes against my analness.

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