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Time for a new digital camera thread!

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I am in need of a new digital camera. I am a realtor and need a camera that takes wide angle pics and that works well in low light. One that can stitch pictures together would be a great feature, too. I like fully automatic cameras, but probably could stand to have some manual capabilities this time around. And, I want something that is a bit more substantial in my hand than the super compacts.


My last two digital cameras were Canons - I have not been thrilled with their longevity (or do digital cameras only last about 2 years???). Back in the days of film, I was a Nikon fan, but I know that what worked well with film might not be the best choice when going digital.


I would love to stay under $300, but can be convinced to go higher for the right camera. I am all :bigear: for your suggestions.



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I just bought a Nikon Coolpix S8000 from Costco. It was 254.00 on sale about 3 weeks ago. It came with a 2gig SD card.


It was rated number one in the August 2010 issue of consumer reports.




We absolutely love it.


My only complaint is that you have to charge the battery while it is in the camera. We plan to buy another battery and a separate charger soon.

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