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Another MCT question.......sorry!


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OK, so I've heard of these grammar books before....I've gone to the website before. I had looked at samples and remember not really liking the font. It was hard for me to read (anyone else feel this way?). Now there are more posts about MCT so I went back to the website. It just totally confuses me. Where are all these grammar books? Can someone give me a direct link? At what age/grade level are these for (I read someone saying they were using this with a 1st grader). I'm just lost when it comes to his books.....it's like I just don't get it or something. :confused1:

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All of the MCT langauge arts books are listed here. Levels are *not* grade levels.



Here are the MCT homeschool packages. There is a "basic" and "complete" package for each level.



Although some people have used MCT with *advanced* kids who are first graders based on their ages, it is not a first grade program. There is placement information on page 21 of the homeschool MCT catalog.



"What level to start? For children who would be in grades 2, 3, or 4, it is most often appropriate to start with the Island level. Generally, children in the fifth grade begin with the Town or Voyage level. And children in sixth grade begin most readily with the Voyage level. For children whose entry-point is later, the recommended starting point is Word Within a Word Volume 1, Magic Lens 1, Poetry and Humanity, 4Practice1, and Essay Voyage. Where appropriate, the use of Essay Voyage can be abbreviated and the child moved on to Advanced Academic Writing Volume 1."

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