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Okay, so I used Interactive Science A with dd, and even though ds is planning on using Apologia Gen Sci this year, he still wants to use ISA labs because he remembers how cool his sister's experiments were. So, I've gone through the book and read the materials lists and gone through most of these things once, and now I'm setting up to do it again. I'm also gearing up to use their Biology program as a supplement for dd this year, and add in several of the labs. There are NO lists out there for materials to use for these books, and I was wondering if anyone here was interested in one? I will type it out here if anyone's interested.

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Interactive Science is not the same as i-Science (a primary program no longer sold by SingaporeMath.com).



I'd appreciate a list. :)


Here's the partial list from the FAQ:




The practical exercises require standard laboratory equipment (e.g. beakers, test tubes, thermometer, graduated cylinders) and chemicals (e.g. copper sulfate, sulfuric acid) that would have to be purchased from a science supply company. A few experiments require more expensive equipment (e.g. microscope, Bunsen burner) or more specialized equipment (e.g. ball and ring apparatus). Some substitutions can be made for some of the more expensive equipment (e.g. alcohol burner or stove for the Bunsen burner), or certain experiments omitted, but the use of some of the less expensive equipment is advisable for a complete program. The workbooks show laboratory set-ups; familiarity with the equipment and procedures is helpful in answering the corresponding questions. Note: For safety reasons, some of the experiments and activities in the practical books are suitable for carrying out only inside of a science laboratory. Once you select the experiments you want to do, then you will need to list and order necessary materials from various science supply places.


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