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Article: Millions of children won't be getting on buses this fall

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Great little article from World Net Daily.


Homeschooling has certainly grown and matured as a movement. Though I'd guess that we're probably headed into an awkward teen phase rather than all grown up. :D


Though I did notice that using percentage increases instead of actual student numbers makes it appear that homeschooling is more popular than private school. I think the reality is that it has had more growth, particularly in certain areas. Since there were already so many more students enrolled in private schools in 1999, it would take a far larger enrollment to represent the same percentage growth.


Not that I don't love how much more acceptable it seems to be to homeschool. (The most common reaction I get know seems to be a wistfulness or "I need to have my wife talk to you.") And I love that I often have to pick between several good curriculums. But it doesn't take as much to almost double what was a far smaller number.

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