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Latin: WWYD?


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Our days are full. This year I want to focus on history/geography and writing skills. Also, I'm having some health issues, and while they're getting dx I'll be having a lot of dr. appointments and/or tests and I might end up with surgery. On top of this, ds8 is having issues with chronic headaches & migraines along with his normal arthritis issues, so time is getting eaten up there as well.


My older 2 completed LfC A 2 years ago, and then they did some of Getting Started with Latin. Then my oldest moved into Latin Prep last year and my ds9 (10 this month) did some of Lively Latin (I had a hard time with the format of it), and then finished out the year with some more Getting Started with Latin. Ds11 is finishing up chapter 6 of LP1, and ds9 is finishing up chapter 1 of LP1.


I love Latin Prep. My boys love Latin Prep. It's killing me, but I think I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that for right now (this semester, maybe this year), I need to devote less time to Latin so I have the time to devote to history/geography and writing. I'm also concerned that since my time is limited, I'll fall behind in checking their LP work and they'll get lost.


If you were me, what would you do? I don't want to drop Latin altogether, because I don't want them to forget what they've learned. I'd like something that is easy to grade and doesn't require much time. They are both fairly independent learners.

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