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Sound Reading / Earobics


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Hi, I was wondering if anyone here has used any Sound Reading products? (I was looking at Hop, Skip, & Jump) Also wondering if anyone has experience with Earobics? I am wondering what the differences/ similarities are between these two. Thanks in advance for your input!

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I am replying to my own message because I emailed Sound Reading and received a response I thought might help others looking at the program. I would still love to hear about anyone's experiences with either Sound Reading or Earobics. Thanks!


"HI Angie,


If your son isn't reading yet you definitely want to start with the Hop, Skip and Jump level (4-6yr old). The Boost level requires a reading ability of about a 1st grade, 6 months level.


Our program is very different from Earobics because we base our instructional methodology in Cognitive Learning Theory. Children are never "stuck" if they do not master a task. Our spiral instructional design allows students to gradually learn skills; practice them in varied ways and master them without repeating the same exercise over and over. Because of our built-in report function you will be able to determine if there are specific areas of reading acquisition that you son id having difficulty with. Because we are a small company of dedicated teachers and parents of children who struggled with reading we'll be available to answer your questions over the phone."


Kay Inglin

Sound Reading Solutions




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