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Vocabulary help needed


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Some background: Ds10 was not even reading consistently at a K level this time last year. It was thought he was dyslexic, but he wasn't. It was his vision -his eyes were not tracking together, among other visual things, causing major issues as you can imagine. We have just finished a year of vision therapy and his eyes are working fine now. He has also finished a year with a fabulous reading tutor who taught him to read using the Scottish Rite materials for people with Dyslexia. Reading tutoring will continue for another couple of months until he completes that program. Math he is now able to complete independently.


If you go by sight words and reading words phonetically, he is easily now reading on the 4th grade level. I ordered materials this year on the 3rd grade level from BJU and he is working thru them very easily so far, or at least overall. Except for vocabulary - I can tell that while he is able to read the materials sometimes his comprehension is not good because he doesn't have the understanding of vocabulary he would have had if he had been able to go thru each level. If I take time to ask what something specific means, many times he just doesn't have any idea. I am not going to have him restart all subjects at the k or 1st level for a variety of reasons - cost is a big one, his self esteem is another. He is just realizing that he is really behind same age peers when it comes to school work.


I know we need to work on vocabulary as a subject itself as well as the vocabulary in his texts. I can handle teaching subject vocabulary in his books. What are some good recommendations for just a vocabulary study? Is Wordly Wise too advanced or not appropriate for his age? Are their other products available?



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