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Anyone have their child outline Hakim's History of US?


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I had my ds/12 outline from Hakim a bit this past year. It worked out ok for him. It's not an easy book to outline from because, while each chapter is short, it's on different people and/or topics. It's not written like a standard textbook (with specific and obvious subsections). However, my ds learned to organize his outlines by topic (letter A with a named person or topic and details below, letter B with another named person or topic with its details below, etc.) and not chronologically through the chapter (I hope this makes sense). With some practice, though, I'm sure your dd will do well with it!


We enjoyed the series very much.




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I agree with above poster. We tried this in 6th grade/7th grade. While the text is very engaging, often times paragraphs are short (a couple of few sentences long) and express the opinion of the writer. These don't lend well to involved outlines with the traditional I.A.1.a format.


We did, however, find it a good text to learn the technique of finding the main point of each paragraph. If you child is a "trees" kind of person and needs help learning to see the "forest" any one of these books in the series can be a good text to use.



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