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Questions about Science 4 Real Kids

Jenny in GA

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I'm getting ready to start our first formal science curriculum, and I like the looks of Science 4 Real Kids.


Some questions before I order:


1) My two girls are starting fourth and second grade. The older girl could take or leave science; the younger one loves science. I want to do it with both girls together. Should I get a Level One book (grades 4-6 or a "pre" book (grades k-3)??


2) Do I need to buy everything? What could I possibly skip? The teacher manual? Do I need two student lab books? For that matter, do I need any?


3) Aside from all that, what are some general comments about this program? LIkes? Dislikes? Things to add/subtract/tweak?




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Hi, I haven't used RS4K yet but I already own pre-level Chemistry and Physics textbooks and all 3 books of Level I. I also got teacher's manual for level I and TM for pre-level Chemistry. You will need Teacher's Manuals! You can skip Student pages. I am going to create my own student pages or you can download them for few dollars from publisher's web-site. I am going to do pre-level Chemistry/Level 1 Chemistry as a sequence and pre-level Physics/level I Physics as a separate sequence. I am skipping pre-level Biology because we already covered its topics using different science curriculum.

We are studying Life Science now leaving Physics/Chemistry for winter months.

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