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Which edition of Mongomery's "The Story Girl"?

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Amazon is showing 30 in print editions. *gah* I'd like a nice one, paperback is OK as long as it's not pulpy paper. Pictures of Sarah Polley on the cover are a no go, as much as I adore Ms Polley. :tongue_smilie:


Any recommendations?

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There is a little twaddly series based on The Story Girl bc of the Road to Avonlea tv show. Avoid those! They look like this:



The tv series is excellent though in it's own right - not like Story Girl book exactly though. We own all of the dvd seasons!


Anyway this is what I have for books:



and the sequel:



My copy of The Golden Road looks like The Story Girl cover, but I don't see that one on Amazon anymore.


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Thanks. Usually I'd just go to Powells, but they don't seem to have any copies in stock locally.


I hate to admit it, but watching Road to Avonlea was one of my secret pleasures way back when, even though I was in my early 20's and usually have a visceral reaction to such fare. :blushing: I do, however, very much prefer the books.

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