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S/o thread below, if dc scored very well on ACT which Geometry to use?

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My friend's dc scored very well on the ACT. However, they still need to take a Geometry course for senior year.


This student is not going to pursue a math related field and doesn't particularly like higher math, though I think they have a knack for working with numbers as in what an accounting course would require. (I think student already took that)


Do they really need to choose a rigorous Geometry course or could they go with something that is more general and gentle, keeping in mind that this senior year is also going to be filled with other demanding course work in other subjects.


Would appreciate any thoughts and suggestions.



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Geometry is v. important. Even if the dc is not "mathy" there is lots to be learned that will have practical implications thru-out the dc's life. Doesn't Foerster do Geometry? We are liking his pre-calc. book v. much. He has lots of "practical" problems that are quite fun.

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