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s/o Would you use Rosetta Stone at $100/level?

Violet Crown

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My dad owns Level 2 (he'd already has some introductory Spanish) and I'm thinking about getting Level 1, plus Spanish for Children (to cover the grammar). I figure those, plus living in Texas and hearing/reading Spanish a lot (how I wish we got the Univision channel on our broadcast tv!), might be enough.


Rainbow Resource has Level 1 for $200; my dad would contribute Level 2 when we finished. Is there anything besides the price that puts people off RS? I have enough French, plus exposure to Spanish just from living here most of my life, that I can generally read written Spanish, and plenty of friends I can call if I need a translation; so I'm not concerned about being unable to tell what the Spanish means.


(I even have a well-founded hope that my dad, who has bugging me for years to teach the kids Spanish, might spring for Level 1, too. Love ya, dad!)

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