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Yellow Jacket in washing machine

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I was doing the laundry and a yellow jacket was in our basement so I ran upstairs and got the Hornet/Wasp/Bee killer spray and of course the darn thing was sitting inside the laundry basket (had dirty laundry in it) so I figured since it was dirty I would just spray it in there. So it died and I decided every time I picked up something that it was on I would shake it out into the basket so I can just carry it upstairs and throw it out. There were three large towels in there so I think it got caught in one of them and went into the washing machine. I can't find it on the floor or in the basket so it could only be in there.


Will I have to do the laundry again? Is there anything wrong if it is in there while the laundry is going? Will it do anything to our clothes?


Thanks :)

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