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How to Lapbook?


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We do ours in file folders. I usually do just one file folder with my Pre-K'er. (last year) And sometimes I will glue 2 folders together to make a bigger one. Or, if we don't want to do a lapbook, we will just glue the components and mini books into a notebook.


Have you seen Homeschool Share? Tons of FREE and wonderful lapbooks! :)

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These are more like folders. In general, using two file folders glued or taped together you make a folder that you glue little books, specially folded papers, pop-ups etc into. They are theme based. EasyFunSchool has lots of links to look at:


A google search will bring up a lot of other links too.


You can also get pre-assembled or planned templates online. I've done both, made my own and bought pre-planned. Either way, they are a fun and different way to do a study and make a nice finished project.

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