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Michelle in AL

More book recommendations pretty please....

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Thanks to all who contributed to my best books of the 1800 & 1900's thread. I realized I needed to narrow my search down to a theme, and I think I have it......Conflict: Man vs Man, Man vs Society, Man vs Self, Man vs Nature.


Any recommendations of ones not to miss? I know that most books fall in more than one category, I just want to be sure I have one or two for each. They can be short stories, essays or dramas too.


Sooo, I have:

Man vs. Society: Great Expectations


Man vs. Man: Frankenstein


Man vs. Self????


Man vs. Nature: I'd rather this be the forces of nature rather than literal nature if that makes sense. I don't particulary care for the typical Call of the Wild or Hatchet type stories.


I'd love to do Lori's Sci Fi theme, but I'm saving that for after my first dd graduates. She has a strong dislike for most fantasy type books.

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Man vs. Self - maybe The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde? Maybe Emma by Austen, because Emma grows so much in self-awareness. Silas Marner by George Eliot, not only the title character struggles with his miserliness but also Godfrey has to grow and confront his sins and weaknesses.


Man vs. Man - The Count of Monte Cristo, though I would argue this also falls into the Man vs. Self because of the revenge issues that the protagonist must reconcile within himself.


Man vs. Society - To Kill a Mockingbird


Man vs. Nature - Old Man and Sea by Hemingway, also Giants in the Earth by Rolvaag. I can't think of any Man vs. Nature that aren't American. Moby Dick?

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