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Midwest Homeschool Convention - What were your favoite topics?

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OK, so I might like to order some more sessions to listen to here at home. List your favorites from the conference.


I really enjoyed Catherine Levision's talk on History and Science the CM way. She had a lot of practical helps and suggestions I had never heard of before.

Catherine Levison

History And Science in the Charlotte Mason Method



Retention is everything! Stop wasting your time and money—replace those boring workbooks with real life. Learn how to improve

your children's power of observation in an effective, thorough, yet loving way. Find out how to combine well chosen literary books,

direct contact, and sketching for the desired result . . . lasting knowledge. Nature notebooks and a homemade book of the centuries

will be covered.




I also really enjoyed this one:

Andrew Pudewa

Mastery Learning, Ability Development, and Individualized Education



What is "mastery learning" and how does it relate to home education? Andrew will explain the methods,

goals, and benefits of the ability development model as developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, and applications to disciplines other than

music, along with potential obstacles to successful implementation. Come and hear how, as Dr. Suzuki puts it, "Every child can



learn,” and you can create success in areas where you or your children have struggled in the past.



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