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Need advice about dd's writing assignment

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I assigned a book report for my dd to do on Tolkein's Fellowship of the Rings. I was thinking she would probably write one or two pages. She wrote seven! I gave her some guidelines to follow, but I guess she didn't understand them. Basically her seven pages are simply a retelling of the book. I'm trying now to think how to get her to pare down her paper and include things like the theme of the book, rising action, climax, denoument, and her critical thoughts about the book. If you have any gentle ways of saying things to a highly sensitive girl that would be appreciated too. I certainly had the opposite problem with my ds. I was doing good to get him to write one paragraph!!



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Here is one of the basic 5 paragraph models I expect for this type of overview assignment. This is rather simple, but it might help-

I. Intro (includes book title, author, genre, and any basic historical/literary background info

II. Main Characters (select a few to highlight-key qualities, key role in the story)

III. The Problem in the story (pick several key actions of the main characters which will eventually lead to the climax)

IV. The Climax and Resolution

V. Conclusion-includes the theme of the book and her response to the book


I would praise her profusely for her detailed retelling of the book and make sure we took time to talk about the retelling and what she decided to put in and why.


Then...I'd just give her a new assignment to now write a critique of the book using a more directed writing model. I'd talk through the elements I expected in the essay, have her write an outline, check it to make sure she has included the literary elements and analysis you are looking for and then I'd have her write it.

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Thank you immensely for your help! I think this is a great way for me to go with her instead of her rewriting her work. I like this outline. This is the best one for a book report that I've seen anywhere!




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