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Great Resource for Shakespeare

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Since many are planning English now, I thought I'd share a great resource for Shakespeare: Shakespeare Set Free teaching Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo & Juliet and MacBeth by Folger Shakespeare Library.


It is definitely for groups only, but is worth getting about 6 or more kids to study once a week or so. It makes Shakespeare fun and understandable.


It has an activity for each day. Romeo & Juliet is spread over 6 weeks. We are reading a scene a week and getting together with others for about 4 of the activities/act each week.

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but a couple of summers ago my husband had a business trip to a very small town in Alabama. We stayed for a couple of nights in Montgomery, and they had the Alabama Shakespeare Festival there! We didn't get to see any plays, but from what I read, they have the 6th largest Shakespeare festival in the world! (Or, is it in America?) At any rate, the grounds were beautiful, and we thoroughly enjoyed the Art Museum next door. Fabulous! Some original Rembrandt drawings!


Anyway, we came away very impressed with Montgomery! Since you're an Alabama native, you probably already know about these things, but I just thought I'd share.


Thanks for the Shakespeare resource!

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