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Jacobs Algebra: Spiral or Mastery? Experience with Veritas Class?

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Is Jacobs Algebra Spiral or Mastery?


Not exactly either. Each lesson has a "Set 1" series of problems, which review the previously learned concepts. Then the Set 2 problems introduce and build difficulty and complexity of the concept within the set. Set 3 is identical to Set 2, in case you want more practice. Set 4 is a "bonus" challenging problem.


Jacobs is laid out as a gentle, incremental series of lessons, with each chapter about one topic (mastery). Chapters definitely build on one another, so you don't want to go out of order. However, it's not straight mastery, as after several chapters all on the same topic, going more and more into depth, Jacobs cuts away to another topic, but one that will eventually "join up" and so "spirals into" the previously covered topic.


You'll see what I mean by looking at the chapter topics and subtopics:


1 = fundamental operations (4 functions; raising to a power; order of operations; distributive rule)

2 = functions and graphs (coorindate graph; direct variation; linear functions; inverse variation)

3 = Integers (definition; coordinate graph; 4 functions; order of operations)

4 = Rational Numbers (definition; aboluste value; operations with rational numbers; graphing functions)

5. Equations in One Variable (definition; inverse operations; equivalent equations; equivalent expressions; length & area; distance, rate, time)

6 = Equations in Two Variables (definition; formulas; graphing linear equations; intercepts; slope; slope-intercept)

7 = Simultaneous Equations (definition; solving by subtraction, addition, or substitution; graphing simultaneous equations; inconsistent and equivalent equations)

8 = Exponents (properties; large and small numbers; zero and negative exponents; powers of products and quotients; exponential functions)

9 = Polynomials (monomials; polynomials; adding, subtracting, multiplying, squaring and dividing polynomials)

10 = Factoring (prime and composite numbers; monomials & factors; polynomials & factors; 2nd degree polynomials; difference of 2 squares; trinomials & factors)

11 = Fractions (algebraic fractions; adding/subtraction, multiplying, dividing fractions; complex fractions)

12 = Square Roots (definitions; square roots of products or quotients; adding, subtracting, multiplying, diving square roots; radical equations)

13 = Quadratic equations (polynomial equations and functions; solving by graphing, factoring, taking square roots, completing the square; quadratic formula; the discriminant; solving higher degree equations)

14 = Real Numbers (rational; irrational; pi; real numbers)

15 = Fractional Equations (ratio & proportion; equations with fractions; solving formulas)

16 = Inequalities (definition; solving linear inequalities; absolute value and inequalities)

17 = Number Sequences (number, arithmetic, geometric, infinite geometric sequences)



I have no info or experience with the online course with Jacobs Algebra.


Hope that partially helps! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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