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Ideas for gift for newborn nephew overseas?

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I need to get something for a newborn nephew just born in Japan! He is the third baby for my nephew and niece in law (so what kind of nephew does that make their child. I never could figure that one out!)


Anyway, I have to send something tomorrow (12/7) for it to get their in time. Any ideas????



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Where in Japan are they? Are they military, DODDS, DOD, Embassy, missionary, ??


I ask because I'm currently in Yokosuka (actually I'm in Zushi, but the base is in Yokosuka) and there are things you can't get here... again depending on where they are at and what access to the military stores they have.


Also, how much do you want to spend? How big was the baby?


The Japanese have some wonderful baby products that the Americans haven't thought of. Plus, most Japanese wear their babies when they are about.


If they _need_ for nothing I would get them this: onesie but then, I'm a Geek.



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