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Improving dd's critical reading abilities....

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Practice a lot. I wrote this on another SAT thread.... start w/30 minutes a day and just crank through practice tests-critical reading sections, every day for 4-6 weeks before the test. And, read every explanation of the answer, for the ones she misses. You can learn a lot by reading those. I can't remember if test books have explanations for every single answer. If not, do the ones w/explanations first. There are practice problems with explanations on the college board website too.


Sometimes I did the practice with my son. He told me the answer he thought, and why. Then I'd tell him the correct answer and we'd talk about why it was right. I think this was helpful. Of course, he hasn't gotten his score yet, but he did very well on the practice test that I graded. (this was for the PSAT.)


Come to think of it, there might be explanations only on a few problems, but have your child read as many as you can find. :-)

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