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The new Star Trek movie... (a funny thing)

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Okay, dh and I must have been REALLY REALLY REALLY tired last night because we inadvertently watched the entire newest Star Trek movie last night on RANDOM and it sort of made sense.


We didn't get a chance to see this movie in the theater (boo) so I (especially) was so excited to get it from Netflix yesterday. We have our DVD set to "auto start" when a disc is placed in the machine. On it comes....having no expectations for the movie other than knowing time travel is involved, and that producer J. J. Abrams has an interesting "vision" (oooooh, I sound so movie-artsy), it started making these weird jumps from scene to scene. One scene, Kirk is born, then the next scene he's on the snow planet, next scene Spock is old, next scene is at the Starfleet Academy. You get the picture. It's TOTALLY out of sequence. We check the on-screen chapter display, and it is staying chronological, so we think..."oh, they're just heightening the feelings of time travel".


I turned to dh and actually said, "Wow, J. J. Abrams is such a good director. Even with that random scene cut time thing, I got the gist of it..."


I'm a somewhat secret Trekker so I decide to watch a bit of the directors' commentary to find out why they did this. They didn't. Our DVD player just was wigging out.




I remembered this morning that our DVD player did this with Prince Caspian, too...some movies must be coded this way -- auto start triggers a random play mode.

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