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CLE 2 Reading Question...Happy Hearts vs. Helping Hands

Dawn E

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I have decided to add CLE reading into our day. My question for those of you familiar with/using CLE 2 reading is this: since I will only be using half a year of this, would you recommend I do the first book (Helping Hands) or the second (Happy Hearts)? I'm confident that she wouldn't have difficulty with the reading in either book. I'm leaning towards Happy Hearts so that she'll have the continuity of going into level 3 next year. I just don't know if starting mid-stream with the light units would cause any problem. Any advice?


eta: We are using CLE for LA, so we're somewhat familiar with the light unit format.

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Mmm have you taken the placement test and read the scope & sequence? The S&S is pretty detailed. That should tell you weather she can do the 2nd half. I'm in Helping Hands. I started at the beginning for shear simplicity. Since it's spiral it's harder to just start in, but my dd has issues with following directions and it taught proofreading which is why I made my choice. We started with 3 because she's in grade 3 and while she could read it easily enough, she couldn't do the thinking work. I'd look at the scope & sequence first then download the test.


But in answer, I haven't gotten to the second half yet to make a better evaluation. We only started at 3 and moved back a level. You could buy one LU...205 and see if she gets the quizzes and seatwork done okay then buy the rest. I did that. If you try mid 2 first, and it's too hard, then you won't lose money as you'll use it when you get to it.

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